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There, we said it. We said “fanatics.” We did not say fans, we did not say supporters, we did not even say pioneers or metal scene reporters. We’re talking about fanatics because this website is built for, by, of and dedicated to, heavy metal fanatics from all over the world.

No matter the language

Whether Japanese is your first language, or you are Chinese, Arabian, African or any point in between, you have come to the right place because if you’re a metalhead, we want you to be here.

Not by accident

You did not stumble onto this website by accident. We believe that this is some sort of providence that you are here because if you want the very latest and greatest information about the type of music all of us love, this is the place to be.

We don't Bash

Now, it’s not like we are bashing other heavy metal websites. We’d like to think that we’re not. But the problem is quite obvious. If you are a veteran of any other kind of heavy metal music websites, you know the range of problems that you can normally face from such websites. A lot of those websites feature information that hasn’t been updated in years. A lot of those websites cover bands that have broken up a long, long time ago.

No classic

Now, we’re not talking about slightly outdated information. We’re definitely not talking about classic defunct bands like Black Sabbath, Deep Purple or Twisted Sister.

We're all updated

We’re not talking about outdated information regarding bands that are still together like Metallica. Instead, we’re talking about stuff that people know, already came to pass, and somehow, some way, people neglected the information and kept it up.

Nothing to worry

You’re not going to have that problem here. As you can well imagine, there are a lot of problems with music-type websites and we have really gone out of our way to try to sidestep these problems.

Let’s make it easy

You see, the reason why this website was put up in the first place is because we are sick and tired of going from one Facebook group to another, and one Facebook page to another, to see the same content over and over again. This content was no good the first time we saw it, and it really did not improve by the one millionth time we were exposed to such information.

Pathetic Informations

It seems that when it comes to certain metal scenes or metal genres, the range of information you get is really quite pathetic. There’s really no other way to describe it. It’s pitiful, it’s sad, it’s shallow.

Let's do the move

But as frustrated as we were, we knew that things were not going to improve if we just chose to remain angry, upset and disappointed. Instead, we rolled up our sleeves and we took matters into our own hands. We committed that we will come up with something better.

New "mouse traps"

Now, you probably have seen this scene before. In fact, such scenes throughout the United States are not all that uncommon. How many times have you heard of people coming up with all sorts of new designs for mouse traps? After all, it seems that everybody has an idea regarding coming up with a better mouse trap.

Fairly Static

But still, when you get down to it, the types of mouse traps that sell in the United States and elsewhere are fairly static in design. They look like the classic mousetrap. There must be something about the classic mousetrap that makes it remain a favorite that refuses to change regardless of time and space.

Let’s do it!

So, armed with this information, we started building the very best kick ass, metal scene report on the planet. Has it been a smooth and easy journey? Absolutely not.

Being a metalhead

As a metalhead, you know that we can be very picky. Our community can be quite passionate and, sometimes, people are told to take a hike. Sometimes, people are told to stuff really hard and long objects up certain orifices that are quite uncomfortable. But we persisted.

Our Mission

We knew that we had a mission. We knew that there’s simply no other alternative out there, and we are, for all intents and purposes, trying to change the musical world. And, just like with any other kind of visionary, things don’t come easy.


This is especially true if you cut against the grain and you try to do something new. Believe us, there is no shortage of people telling us that we were abnormal, weird, messed up, or we did not know what we were doing.

Our challenge

Whether we were being criticized for our supposed incompetence, called on the carpet for our lack of knowledge, or being frozen out because we simply did not have the connections to the right people at the right time and at the right places, you can bet that we have had more than our fair share of challenges.

Pushing forward

Still, regardless of all that initial resistance and sets of challenges, we pushed forward. We kept on pushing. And what you see now is the product of all the blood, sweat and tears that went into putting together a metal scene online platform that is actually worth more than a bucket of spit.

Browse from here

I know that that’s quite a big boast, but you only need to click through the tabs above to see exactly about what I’m talking about. There are a lot of scene reports here that you really will not find anywhere else. And the reason why they’re here and the reason why they are continuously updated is the fact that we have put in the time.

Let’s Work Together

So if you are interested about getting the very best metal information on the planet, regardless of where you live, this is the place to be. Whether you live down the street from a metal club, or you are a big fan of a club located halfway across the world, this is the place to find up-to-date information that you can’t find anywhere else.

This is also the place you can rub digital shoulders with fellow metalheads. Regardless of language, color, religion and background, we all have one thing in common. We all share the same common purpose. There is unity in our seeming diversity because we all believe in the power of metal music.

Now, there are all sorts of purists saying that the particular sub-genre or sub-segment or sub-cultural group that grew out of such sub-segment is better or more worthy than others. Well, we are above and beyond such noise. Instead, we focus on the things that unite us and we disregard the things that divide us.

If you’re here to stir stuff up or put people down, then you’ve come to the wrong place. However, if you’re here to really enjoy and propagate and celebrate all the very best that heavy metal music and its resulting scene brings to the table, then you are more than welcome.

We embrace you with wide open arms because this is the place for you. This place has all the information you need so you can support the metal scene regardless of where you are located on the planet.

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