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Trivium sets the stage well for the dual headliners! By Sharita Lumpkin

How can you warm up the stage for two power bands like Chimaira and Machine Head?
Have a young bunch like Trivium open the show. Trivium, a metal outfit from Florida really showed a lot of promise as one of the up and coming bands for this year. Only formed in 2000, they proved they belonged on the same stage with MH and Chimaira.
Lead singer Matt (who also plays guitar) has great energy. The crowd responded to that energy and seemed to enjoy the great musicianship of Matt, Corey (guitar), Paolo (bass) and Travis (drums). 

Their first album
Ember to Inferno has drawn comparisons from the likes of In Flames, Metallica, Testament and many other metal heroes before them. The band was also featured on Battle of the Bands in Florida where they won second place and have received several awards including Matt winning Best Metal Guitarist for 2002 from the Orlando Metal Awards.

Next time Trivium comes to town, (hopefully it will be soon) be sure to check them out. You will not be disappointed!
Chimaira, Worthy of the Title Co-Headliner
by Sharita L.

The few times I've seen Chimaira they put on a good performance, but this one was by far their best. Playing tunes from their latest album Impossibility of Reason they proved why they should be playing on the stage with the almighty Machine Head.

Lead Singer Mark Hunter always brings his all to the crowd belting out the lyrics that create moshpits throughout the concert hall. Chris (Keyboards), Matt and Rob (guitar) Jim (bass) and Kevin (drums), Chimaira are a band that can go head to head with any metal band musically, and live they kick just about everyone's ass. Title track
Impossibility, Godlike Power and Pure Hatred along with my personal favorite Down Again were just some of the higlights from Chimaira's set. The crowd apprciated all especially "Impossibility" which seemed to recieve the most cheers. 

Phil Demmel (MH) mentioned to me how much he appreciated the band after seeing them live. You will definitely feel the same after their set.
Machine Head, Still Masterful After a Decade...A TRUE Legacy!
by Karma E. Omowale

celebrating 10 years together, the band is still going strong better than ever.  The set started with my personal favorite “Imperium”, the band never looked back past this point.  Pumped and high on emotion, they kept the crowd going from beginning to end throughout the hour long show. 

And a show it was!  At the beginning of "Burning Red" all lights on the stage were killed, then Rob Flynn, vocalist and guitarist, brandishing a customized red lucite, BC Rich guitar appears as the lights come up ever so slowly.  The light peered through his guitar and danced around his dimly lit silhouetted body.  In a word, AMAZING...then the song began!

This was my third time seeing the band; all I can say is third time is a charm.  It was one of the best live shows I could remember seeing in a while. During a song change over, the crowd started to cheer "Machine Fucking Head" over and over.  When the lights came up, Rob said that it was only the second time a city had inserted between the band's name.  "Chicago, you FUCKING rock!"  The crowd went nuts and the band beamed with delight. You could feel the energy the crowd was emitting as their idols were playing to THEM!  A little while later, the band sung Happy Birthday to one of their road crew, Mud Billy from Kentucky. The crowd sang along happily to wish Mud Billy the best.

Phil Demmel, lead guitarist, played powerfully assaulting the crowd capturing the attention of the audience.  The rythm section was tight: Adam Duce, bassist and Dave McClain, drums. Rob slowed the set down with an acoustic opening to “Descend The Shades of Night” off
Burn My Eyes.  He opened by asking, "Chicago, are you mother fucking high?"  What a perfect beginning for a "stoner song".  The audience went ape shit as someone passed him a joint, he took a puff and the song began. If the crowd wasn't high on substances, they were definitely running high on life.

One of the biggest highlights in the show was during the band's rendition of Metallica's Creeping Death", Mark Hunter, Chimaira lead singer and Matt Heafy, Trivium's frontman, joined the band.  Devil's horns were flying, bodies were surfing, circle pits were moving...  You name it, it happened.  In the rafters, Trivium's drummer sang along and played "air" drums throughout the entire song.

Machine Head gave 110% to the Chicago HOB.  Highlights included:
Imperium, Burning Red, Ten Ton Hammer, Descend The Shades of Light, Creeping Death, Blood Sweat Tears.
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