About fourteeng.net

Fourteeng.net started out as a friendship. Back in junior high school, there were two nerdy guys who were all big into Dungeons and Dragons. As you can well imagine, dungeons and dragons was not exactly a surefire recipe to get members of the opposite sex all hot and bothered about you.

Still into dungeon and dragons

It did not exactly make us very popular as far as the chicks were concerned. Still, we were all into dungeons and dragons because, let’s face it, there’s nothing more awesome than rolling a dice and imagining that you’re some platinum dragon about to finish off a hapless bunch of travelers who thought that they were the living incarnation of JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings characters.

The great thing about dungeons and dragons, both in basic form as well as in the advanced version is that you get to exercise your imagination. You get to exercise the tremendous range of creative juices flowing through a shared set of assumptions and parameters. That’s what dungeons and dragons is. It laid down a formula and we were just basically filled in on all aspects of that formula with our imagination.

The different forms

And of course, the different forms this took were colored by where we came from, our perspectives, our assumptions, and our expectations. In other words, they were colored and shaped and often times twisted by what makes us special, unique, and different

Hardcore Punk?

A lot of people were saying at that time that if people wanted real creativity and a sense of urgency, they should follow punk music. In particular, hardcore punk. This was stuff coming out of Los Angeles and New York and everywhere else in between. I am, of course, talking about bands like Fear, Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Social Distortion, Wasted Youth, and Agnostic Front.

But one thing was missing. Both of us did not really like the free form and frenetic nature of punk. It’s as if somebody took the jazz ethos and played really gnarly drums and guitars over it. We still had a tremendous amount of respect for classical musicianship. And that’s what drew us to heavy metal.

Heavy metal is essentially like advanced dungeons and dragons. It had a baseline, and everybody else filled in the details. And what made heavy metal so much more appealing than competing genres like hardcore punk is that people have to stick to the formula and fill it in such a way that everybody can agree regarding your level of musical virtuosity.

First metal concert

Little did we know that after a few years when our friend Dave invited us to our first metal concert that the same dynamic would be at play, but in the musical world.

You cant bluff

In other words, you cannot fake it until you make it. You cannot bluff your way to becoming a solid metal giant. You have to pay your dues. And there was just something about the blood, sweat and tears and commitment to excellence of heavy metal musicianship that really appealed to us, and continues to appeal to us to this very day.

What you’re seeing here in this platform really is a record of all the hard work and countless hours put into putting together a metal resource that you can come back to again and again. It never gets old because it speaks to the needs of the biggest metal fans to the deepest level.