Jon Schaffer
Iced Earth

Matt Barlow - Vocals
Troy Seele - Lead Guitar
Jon Schaffer - Guitars, Vocals, Keys
Freddie Vidales - Bass
Brent Smedley - Drums

ProgPower USA 2008
Iced Earth


Interviewer: Karma E. Omowale


























Iced Earth is a well-oiled machine and all eyes are on guitarist mastermind Jon Schaffer. If the machine fails, it’s on Jon; if it’s a success, Jon reaps the benefits and in 2008’s release of The Crucible of Man for SPV Records, it is clearly a time to relish in accomplishment. Jon’s visualization of the “Something Wicked” trilogy is now complete. Vocalist Matt Barlow’s comeback to Iced Earth keeps the machine going. His return to the metal populous was to a sold-out crowd at the Pearl Room, located miles south of Chicago for 2008’s Powerfest (in close proximity to the clubs that gave birth to their notoriety in the late ‘90’s). Although Tim "Ripper" Owens was integral to Iced Earth’s signature attitude in song, Barlow was always the favorite among Iced Earth’s original fan base.

In this interview, Jon exercises his First Amendment right to speak his mind about the current state of his brainchild as well as verbalizing against the internet shit-talkers. Brutal honestly is the name of the game and Jon clears up many misunderstandings surrounding his roll in this noteworthy band. Relinquishing control may be out of the question. A new chapter reveals a new Iced Earth saga, ‘Where do you go from here?’ That’s pretty much up to Jon Schaffer. Listen up… ~ Erika Kristen






We'd like to thank Jon and his camp for making this interview a possibility!