Keep of Kalessin
Obsidian Claw (A.O. Gronbech) - Guitars
Thebon (Torbjørn Schei)
Wizziac - Bass
Vyl (Vegard Larsen) - Drums

Keep of Kalessin Kolossus Promo

Death by Decibels Tour
Dying Fetus

Keep of Kalessin
Pearl Room

Interviewer: Karma E. Omowale


























Finally, a band that delivers the threat of, “we’re different!” normally it’s a comment you may take with a grain of salt…well not with Norway’s Keep of Kalessin! These men are the genuine article, a fine display of stellar musicianship and fascinating lyrical content as best heard on their recently released fourth album, Kolossus! How can you not love an album so diverse in its range? “You can’t resist [them], open the gates” is right!! Their music is bold, captivating and dramatic something that black metal is but what they are is multidimensional in their delivery! You have not lived until you’ve seen the beast better known as Keep of Kalessin play live, but stay tuned for the review from tonight’s show. In the meantime, on the first night of the Death by Decibels Tour, to gain a different perspective I decided to mix it up a bit and talk to Thebon, the soft-spoken frontman shortly after their set as he talks in detail on the new tour, album, the band’s billing on next years’ Norwegian Inferno Tour and shares tidbits about his life… During the interview there was a question Thebon was unable to answering concerning the music/instrumentation in which is guitarist Obsidian C’s department, well I did just that along with some other pearls of wisdom. Click here to access Obsidian’s latest interview.


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We’d like to thank the Keep camp for making this interview possible.


Click here for previous interview with Obsidian conducted on the end of their run on this years’ Dimmu Borgir tour, the Legions of Doom tour