Alex Skolnick


Chuck Billy - Vocals
Eric Peterson - Guitars
Alex Skolnick - Guitars
Greg Christian - Bass
Paul Bostaph - Drums

Metal Masters Tour
Judas Priest
Heaven & Hell


Interviewer & Photos: Erika Kristen Watt

Alex Skolnick Testament on Metal Masters Tour (Photo: Erika Kristen Watt)

























Testament, one of today's most venerated acts in metal took America by storm this summer on the quintessential tour of the year appropriately entitled "Metal Masters Tour". Once kings of road, the band has taken back the reigns and is taking no prisoners on their current jaunt. Today under the microscope is veteran guitarist Alex Skolnick, whom you will find wears many hats to accommodate his complexities! So you think you know this man? Well guess again, just when you thought you had it all dice. In this interview, Erika Kristen gives the inside track to this intricate creature as she demystifies his stick in the mud public persona. Mr. Skolnick may be business as he displays his immense musical passion with Testament as well as with his own baby, The Alex Skolnick Trio. He is very serious about his life, his art, his guitar playing but definitely enjoys his life as well. Hold on to your ears, as the background may throw you for a little loop...but it is sure as hell worth it. Join us as Alex proves that he is "More Than Meets The Eye!" --Karma E. Omowale




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We'd like to thank Alex and his camp for making this interview possible! 





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