I’ve seen it all when it comes to e-juice usage. When I first started using e-juice and vaping, I couldn’t wait to get the latest and greatest vaping package sent to me by my preferred manufacturer.

I would just go to the right website, order some e-juice packages, and after a few weeks, a new package would come. I try it out, then I get bored of it, just in time for the next package to come. And I would repeat this process over and over. Over the course of a year, I would have easily spent hundreds of dollars on the latest and greatest e-juice package.

I could have easily stayed on this treadmill of disappointment, discouragement and, ultimately, dissatisfaction. But, eventually, it dawned on me that my problem was not necessarily of taste. I’ve always known what I liked. I’ve always been keenly aware of my personal preferences. After all, the stuff that you taste in terms of food or stuff that you smoke is really a combination of your sense of taste and smell.

I’ve always been aware of this intersection and that’s why I have certain preferences. The problem was when I would jump from one product to another and one formulation to another, I was essentially just looking for a compromise. I wasn’t really looking to focus on what I knew. I wasn’t really basing my purchasing decisions on the truth. Do you understand where I’m coming from?

And as a result, I became a hostage to the designs and the commercial preferences of e-juice manufacturers like Eliquid Depot ejuice shop. The moment I decided to steep my own e-juice and come up with my own formulas, I was able to hit on an e-juice flavor mix that I can safely say I would stick to for life.

I know that’s kind of a big claim, but I’ve been using the same formulation for several years now, and I haven’t gone bored. Unlike other products that basically keep me hanging or leave me dissatisfied after a few months, I can’t get enough of the e-juice formulation that I’ve come up with.

The secret? Steeping the right ingredients. This is the key.

You have to apply hot water to the organic ingredients and then dry out the steeped juice so as to concentrate it. Once you have this right, then you are good to go. You would get the right taste, the right scent and the right chemical signals that you need to keep on going. And this has nothing to do with the strength of the nicotine in the e-juice formulations you make for yourself. Instead, it has everything to do with how you prepare the materials and where you get your feedstock from. Just like with great food, where you get your ingredients from and how you prepare them and how fresh they are going a long way in ensuring maximum taste and enjoyment.

If you want maximum control over your vaping experience, you should start looking to steep your own ingredients. You only have yourself to thank for it later on.